Keeping Thieves Out of Your Home

7 - Bandits

The majority of home burglaries are not randomly executed; they are typically premeditated. Robbers hunt for easily-accessible targets where they can get in, locate any valuables, and exit without being detected. There is no fail-safe way to protect your home, but there are some simple steps that will decrease the likelihood of a break-in.

Before we get to those tips, let’s look at some facts:

  • Most thefts of two-person family homes occur during the day.
  • Thieves spend an average of one minute gaining entry and less than five minutes inside a home.
  • Most burglaries occur on the first floor.
  • The rear door, side door, and garage door are the most common places for entry.

With the knowledge of these facts, look around your house for areas of improvement. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you windows be opened easily?
  • Are deadbolts installed on exterior doors? Are they solid-core so they can’t be kicked in?
  • Is your garage door secure? Have you changed the keypad code recently?
  • Does the landscaping allow a burglar to conceal himself while attempting to open a window or door?
  • Is your home well lit? Are lights installed high enough so that burglars can’t disable them?
  • Is your identity displayed on your mailbox or house?
  • Are your possessions secure? Documented? Out of sight?

By following this process, you can improve your peace of mind and make your home less attractive to criminals.